Tour, Rental & Activities Booking System and Reservation Software online

Professional tool for local market players in the property rental, car rental and entertainment booking industries.

Grow your business!

Record Keeping

Use to adjust the way your services and offers are conducted and recorded.

Website Creation

Set up your personal website with the offers automatically appearing on it.

Payment Receipt

Start selling your services via the Internet to receive advance payments, confirm orders and generate PDF-vouchers.

Our Benefits

Start selling your services online!

  1. 1
    Cloud Solution

    To support the system no specialists are required, and it takes only 5 minutes to be launched via your own domain name (website address).

    Using our platform, you will be able to easily set up your personal website and add there information on your partners’ offers. Get quickly engaged in sales and receive deposit as a commission on each service sold.

    There is no need for any legal entity to work in this system. Financial settlements between you and the partners whose services you sell are not applicable, as well. The customers simply pay you the deposit, which amount is equal to your commission. The remaining cost for the service is paid by your customer on the spot upon submission of the PDF-voucher (with the name of your website) to your partner.

  2. 2
    Platform is a personalized system developed to maintain your business, make sales and improve quality of your services.

    There are 3 types of services (offers) it currently supports:

    1. — entertainments (guided tours, shows and tickets for events)
    2. — property rental
    3. — car rental
  3. 3
    Flexible Control of Prices

    Select the price types, indicate the commission sizes and assign the amount of deposit (advance payment) depending on the availability calendar. Offer discounts subject to the booking duration or configure prices based on the service duration, customer’s age and other parameters.

  4. 4
    Website for Your Company

    Our system supports connection with your personal website address (domain name). Therefore, the offers conducted by you at the system automatically appear on the website. Simply choose the ones that should be published.

  5. 5
    Collaboration with Partners

    Increase your sales, introduce to your customers the partners’ offers or open access to your own offers in order to sell them through the partners registered in the system. The partner who acts as your agent will be receiving a fee on each successfully sold service you offer.

  6. 6
    Advance Payment Receipt

    Connect your personal bank and PayPal account to receive deposit when the customers make the booking. Manage your finances yourself. Keep track of all transactions going through the personalized admin panel.

    In case the order is canceled, the deposit is returned to your customer’s personal (system) account balance. This balance can be used by the customer to pay for other services on your website.

  7. 7
    Orders Management

    The system has an option to obtain the advance payment. However, the order confirmation is made by your own (when you check the order and ensure its implementation as of the booking date). If confirmed, the customer receives an email and message notification with a link to the generated voucher (ticket) in PDF format. When submitted, you/your partners should undertake to provide the prepaid service. The remaining cost is to be paid on the spot prior to the service receipt.

  8. 8
    Offers Handling

    The system is developed in such a way so that to help you not only sell your offers, but keep their records.

    No matter whose offers you add to the system (your partners’ or yours). The main thing is for your partners to accept PDF-vouchers from your customers.

  9. 9
    New Features to Be Launched:

    Soon we are going to add the following modules:

    1. — customers follow-up and task management
    2. — customer’s orders management

Integrated with mobile devices

Our customers’ websites work well on smartphones and other gadgets.

In the foreseeable future we are thinking to give you an opportunity of having your personal iOS / Android mobile app.

Integrated Control!

Our goal is to provide you with a proper platform on booking services in different parts of the Planet.

Using the system, anyone can set up his/her own online business (sale of guided tours, car rentals and property rentals). Your customers – both tourists and locals – will highly appreciate the quality of your services!

What Do We Offer?

Automatic Translation

Translation of your offers into 6 languages

Private Transfer

Organization of a private transfer to the spot once order is confirmed

Collaboration with Partners

Help of other system members to sell your offers

Personal Website

Website set up using your domain name with offers published on it


Advance payment receipt and flexible booking adjustment


Automatically generated PDF-vouchers to be provided for customers

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