• Global blocks

Kupi.net website builder provides global blocks that can be used simultaneously on the right pages of your site. This will allow you to edit the block on any page of the site, and your changes will be automatically taken into account on all pages where you place your global block.

How it works?

Create a new block and in the drop-down menu (in edit mode) select "Set global".

All is ready!

After you set a block as a global one, it will go to your "Marketplace" section.

To mark a block on another page of your site, go to the page you need and click Marketplace.

In the opened menu, select the "Global blocks" section. You will see a list of all your blocks within the current site. Expand the block and click "Add". If the block has already been added to the current editable page, then instead of "Add" you will see the inscription "Added".

Tip: For convenience, give your global unit a unique system name, this can be done in its settings. Using the name you can distinguish your global blocks between each other.


  • Global blocks are available only for placement on any pages, but within a single site.
  • Global blocks can not be copied, this precautionary measure will protect you from possible errors.