Rubikoyn? - The Bank of Russia is preparing to launch the national crypto currency

The Bank of Russia is preparing to issue a crypto currency - this was announced on Monday at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, the correspondent of the IA "TASS" reports. The Bank of Russia successfully conducted an experiment to produce tokens.

Deputy Director of the Financial Development Department of the Bank of Russia, Ivan Semagin told the audience that the regulator tested the pilot ICO on the basis of the existing infrastructure of the Bank of Russia. Although the experiment was successful, there are still some problems, he said.

"In the framework of the experiment ... technically everything went well, but from the legal point of view there were many questions" , - Ivan Semagin explained.

What exactly legal problems were discussed is unknown.

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The first application for testing was made in early May, when the largest Russian bank Sberbank, together with the National Settlement Depository of Russia (NSD), said they were working on experimental ICO for the release of national tokens. It is expected that the experiment will involve a company called "First Level", which legally becomes the issuer of the ICO, Sberbank will be the project coordinator, and the NRM will ensure the regulation of legal issues and monitoring of transaction security.

Also, it should be noted that the vice-president of Sberbank Igor Bulantsev made a statement that "many Sberbank customers are interested in this type of investment, and we plan to actively promote this service after the entry into force of the relevant legislative framework, we will be one of the drivers for institutionalizing and promoting a new type of financial transactions. "