What is bitcoin and how to buy it?

More recently, the crypto currency, bitcoin cost about $ 300 for 1 BTC, then the price went up to 20 thousand dollars, and then fell to a mark of 5 thousand dollars for 1 BTC. Such volatility attracted much public attention and it is not surprising - where else can you earn such a profit? According to Google Trends, one of the most popular queries in Google was the phrase "buy, bitcoin", in percentage terms its share was 3% of all inquiries related to crypto currency.


Is it difficult to buy bitcoin online?

At the moment, the main difficulty in buying a crypto currency arises in the legal barriers created by state authorities, in order to control the financial flows of the population. Until recently, it would be difficult for a newcomer to understand the world of crypto currency, but now new web services are emerging that make life easier for ordinary users, for example, as a service (0).


I'm ready to buy bitcoin! Where to begin?

First you need to understand what you want to buy, bitcoin.

What are the purposes of buying crypto currency:

  • For speculative trading on crypto-currency exchanges;

  • To save capital or avoid supervision, state. bodies;

  • To buy goods or pay online services, where only accepted, bitcoins;

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So, we move on to the next card.


You are so persuasive, I decided to buy bitcoins and get rich. What's next?

To work with the crypto currency you will need to create a purse on which you can store your money.

Types of Internet Wallets:

  • "Hot Wallet" - as a rule, such purses are available through the browser and for its work you do not have to download terabytes of data blocking networks. For example, the site BockChain.info provides an opportunity to create a crypto-purse for free, but for each transaction you will pay a small commission. Special attention should be paid to security and try to use special mobile applications as much as possible.

  • "Cold Wallet" - allows you to safely store data to access your wallet, Access to the Blockchain network occurs without intermediaries. There are also hardware wallets (Flash-drives), which can be easily bought on Aliexpress (about$100), but this is not necessary if it's not about big money.


I created a Bitcoin wallet, what's next?

First, buy Bitcoin or another crypto currency - this will be your starting point.

There are different ways of buying:

  • Exchange of Crypto-currency (forexample(0))

  • Online exchangers (tothemthetruthisalittletrust)

  • Some online banks in the US, Europe and Asia

  • Personal meeting (extremelyundesirable

Pleasenotethatbuyingacryptocurrencyinpersonisagreatdanger,sousetheservice(0) to protect yourself against possible attacks.
  1. Go to the home page (3) and select which currencies you want to buy and in which country. Choose your country of location, tk. most likely, the seller in your country uses one of the popular payment systems (forexample,PayPal,MoneyGram,QiwiorYandexMoney). Also, it is possible to send money by bank transfer via Swift.

    BitCoin exchange

  2. Open the ad with the most favorable purchase rate. Please note that it is worth to trust the sellers with a lot of feedback. Vendors with reviews value their accounts in the system (0) and you are unlikely to experience any difficulties.

  3. It is necessary to take into account the seller's online status (greencircleinthead'scard) so that the transaction is completed as quickly as possible.

  4. After carefully studying the profile of the seller, make an order. Please note that when placing an order, the volume of the crypto currency must not exceed the limits specified on the page of ads. You can watch the course of a crypto currency on the main page (3) or CoinMarketCap.com


I made the order, what next?

After creating the order, we send a notification to the seller in the system chat (intheupperrightcornerofthesite).

how to buy bitcoin online?

  • After you receive a confirmation of the reservation of the crypto currency, you can send money to the seller (viathemethodyouhavechosen). Keep in mind that you should not send money to multiple transactions, if possible, send the entire amount immediately. When transferring money to the seller's account, try not to specify comments like "I want to buy bitcoin" that will allow the seller to avoid suspicion from his bank.

    Bitcoin transfer money online

  • After receiving your money, the seller will confirm the order and we will send money to your crypto purse.

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    Why is it advantageous to buy bitcoin on (0)?

    It's very simple. Traders from all over the world who are engaged in professional trade are registered on (0), therefore in 99% of cases out of 100% they offer a very profitable course of buying and selling of crypto currency.

    For example, the purchase price of crypto currency on (0) may be lower by 10% than on other Internet sites - you will agree, this is attractive.


    What are the guarantees that I will not be deceived?

    (0) is the guarantor and you can be sure that if the seller transferred money to the system purse (0), then you will get them. If the transaction went well, we will transfer the Crypto currency to you within a few minutes. In disputable situations, the crypto currency is blocked on the purse (0) until the dispute is resolved. Do not worry, if you did it right, then we will transfer your crypto currency quickly.


    How quickly does the purchase take place?

    If you do not take into account the time that was spent on the order, then the translation itself usually occurs instantly.

    But the money in your wallet will not appear immediately. The peculiarity of Blockchain transactions is that to complete the transfer of the Blockchain network it is necessary to get at least 30 internal confirmations of the reliability of the transaction from other network members - do not worry, you do not have to do anything, just wait 20-30 minutes and you will receive your transfer.


    Now I'm an oligarch?

    If one day the bitcoin course will grow by 10.000%, then most likely yes. When this happens, no one knows yet, but you will agree that the crypto currency is better than the bank and you do not have to worry about the fact that the next bank has become bankrupt along with your money.

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